Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

Summary of projects undertaken for this year –



o The riverside walk from the Marian Place entrance to Lloyd Town Park to Millenium Sq has been cleaned and delineated with stainless steel bollards. Signage along the way has been removed. F1




o Tullamore Town council continued a programme of road surface and footpath upgrade in the town:
Footpath improvements were carried out at Knockown Rd, Ardan Heights and Spollenstown

Road surfacing works were carried out at the same locations and the back lanes at Callery St and Davitt St.

o Committee members repaired and painted public seating at O Connor Sq and Arden Rd.

o Upgrade works were started at the lane to the rear of Marian Place adjacent to the former constabulary barracks wall – the oldest wall in the town.

o The Roundabouts Sponsorship Programme has started


Projects Planned

o The council has approved the following projects for completion during 2015:
Resurfacing of roads at
High St
Clontarf Rd
Arden View (main thoroughfare)

Footpath reinstatement/improvements at
Clontarf Rd
Arden Rd (tennis club to Collins Lane)

o Committee members will restain/repaint planters and relocate them as required.

o Signage clutter on approach roads will be regularised by the council

o Roundabouts on the bypass will benefit from revised maintenance programme to be undertaken by the council.

o Chamber of Commerce members will provide window displays in vacant premises to promote tourism eg Lough Boora, Durrow Abbey, Tullamore DEW Heritage Centre etc.

o Chamber will also undertake the repainting of seating in public areas.

o Signage for the “Grand Canal Project” at Kilbeggan Bridge will be removed this year.