Residential Streets & Housing Areas

Every street, square, road and resendential housing estate has some form of residence association or street representative that works with the Tullamore Tidy Towns committee to help improve the upkeep of their respective areas.

Below is a list of the various different areas and streets in Tullamore.

Click on your street / area to see more details about projects being done and the people to contact to help out.

The “Tidy Tullamore” initiative run by the Credit Union, in partnership with Tullamore Town Council and the Tidy Towns Association has seen a remarkable transformation of the residential areas of the town over the past 14 years. Local residents’ groups have put in tremendous efforts at enhancing their local environments through landscaping, maintenance and clean-ups. Local businesses and schools have also engaged in this programme.

The competition continues to grow in popularity year on year. It has been instrumental in mobilising local community effort and generating a level of pride and interest throughout residential areas of the town.

Summary of projects undertaken for this year –

o Residents’ associations maintain their estates under the Tidy Tullamore initiative

o The council undertakes grass cutting on open spaces within local authority estates

o The council provided funding to community groups, including our committee and residents’ associations.

o The committee provides support through small grants and advice to residents’ groups

o The construction of the three pedestrian bridges over the canal has facilitated greater ease of access for residents on the north side of the canal to the town centre area.

o The business community participated in the “Best Business Street” initiative under the Credit Union Tidy Tullamore competition.

o Tree guards have been removed from the mature trees at Kilbride St carpark. E1

o Arden View held a presentation of the “Mags O Connor Memorial Cup” and certificates for the winning entrants in the best gardens competition on 8th October

Projects Planned

o Continue with the Tidy Tullamore Initiative in partnership with the Credit Union and the local authority and try to grow the numbers participating through support and encouragement.

o A number of estates have requested support in buying plants and shrubs as part of their plans for entering the local tidy towns competition and promoting anti litter by having a number of clean ups in estates and funding has been committed by the council to supporting this initiative, under their Community Grants Scheme 2015

o The council have indicated their desire to have a pedestrian link established between Market Sq and O’Connor Sq. It is anticipated that progress may be made on this in the coming year.

o Council will remove tree guards from trees at O Connor Sq, Market Sq and Kilbride St. E2